Frink Timberlands

One measure of a property’s value and desirability is the number of check boxes it fills for an owner. The 1,020-acre Frink Timberlands tract rises to meet this standard. Not only does it possess a variety of valuable natural resources but it is well priced in today’s strong real estate market.

Located in Calhoun County, Florida just 50 miles from Panama City, Frink Timberlands, as its name implies, is currently used for timber production. There are 390 acres of pine plantations (most pre-merchantable) in five age classes that were planted between 2004 and 2020. Additionally, there are 384 acres of uplands damaged by Hurricane Michael where site preparation work hasn’t begun or is not yet complete.

With a high 79% uplands ratio and productive sandy loam soils that are rated by the USDA as either Prime Farmland or Farmland of Local Importance, real possibilities exist for an AG conversion. Wetlands are predominately confined to the northern border of the property increasing its functionality.

From a recreational standpoint, it’s noteworthy that Juniper Creek meanders for 2/3 of a mile along Frink Timberland’s northern boundary before becoming wholly contained on the property for 1.2 miles and then flowing into the Chipola River less than a mile away. There’s also a pretty, 10-acre lake to enjoy and game is abundant due in part to being nearly surrounded by a large landowner. The road network is excellent, making for fun-filled days of ATV riding.

Frink Timberlands’ traits serve as the foundation for a solid investment including easy access via State Road 73. Five minutes to the north lies State Road 20 while reaching Interstate takes only another 25 minutes. Both of these transportation arteries run east-west through the Florida panhandle.

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At a Glance

1,020 +/- Acres

Asking Price:
$1,995 per acre

Calhoun County, Florida

Special Attributes:

  • Excellent Timber Property
  • AG Conversion Potential
  • 79% Uplands
  • 2 miles of creekfront, 10-acre lake
  • Excellent Value

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