Southwest Georgia

Driving the gently rolling country backroads of Southwest Georgia, one is easily struck about how much of the landscape remains unchanged over time. That’s a testament to the deep affection that multi-generational landowners have for their properties and it underscores how agriculture, wildlife, and conservation seamlessly co-exist in this pretty corner of the state. As it turned out, others took notice of this special place, particularly wealthy northern industrialists who established a foothold in Southwest Georgia during the 19th century. Today, their “cottages” are collectively regarded as representing the greatest concentration of plantations in the United States. Southwest Georgia is made up of small towns such as Cairo, Moultrie, and Thomasville that stir emotions of simpler times when everyone knew one another in their community and were dependent on what the land provided. Because of the area’s fertile soils, farming is an endemic part of the community where peanuts, corn, tobacco, and cotton are the lifeblood of the local economies. Recreational and small-scale timberland investments are also highly desirable for those seeking a meaningful and wholesome lifestyle.