Honey Hill Plantation

Property Features

Honey Hill Plantation, conveniently located off I-10 in Jackson County, Florida, offers an excellent opportunity for the timberland investor who wishes to benefit from a strategically mixed age class of planted pine. Not only is there a good merchantable timber volumes but 478 acres of stands between 9 and 12 years of age (41% of all planted stands) will jump to a merchantable class in the next few years. Already, 230 acres of 12-year old loblolly have reached pulpwood status.

In addition to timberland values, there is the potential to obtain future recreational HBU values. Honey Hill Plantation consists of three tracts ranging from 549 to 645 acres – two of these tracts in particular would be easy to subdivide off paved and graded roads. The hunting club encampment on Parcel II has a well, septic tank, pole barn, and electricity. Parcel I also has a nice 4-acre pond.

Honey Hill Plantation has been family-owned since 1943, operating as a carefully managed timber operation. In fact, the owner of this property was a finalist for Florida Forestry Association's 2009 Tree Farmer of the Year award. An investor will be able to monetize this asset over many years as there are seven separate planting years spanning from 1988 through 2008. A well developed internal road network provides good access for management and harvesting.

A timber cruise was completed in November 2011 – one tenth acreage plots were used in all merchantable timber calculations. Information is available upon request.

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At a Glance

1,280 Acres

Asking Price:
$1,475 per acre

Easy access off I-10 at the Highway 69 exit in southeast Jackson County, Florida

Special Attributes:

  • Available for the first time since 1943
  • Owner was finalist for Tree Farmer of the Year in 2009
  • Broad age distribution for monetizing timber revenue over a long period of time