Property Features

Situated southwest of Hosford, in Liberty County, Florida, Liberty is easily reached from Tallahassee, just 45 minutes away via State Road 20 or Interstate 10.

Whether you are in the timber industry or an individual wanting to acquire a legacy property for your family, Liberty will suit your needs. Seven distinct tracts have been created to appeal to a wide range of interests, ranging from 19 to 920 acres.

From a timber perspective, Liberty offers an excellent opportunity for an investor who wishes to benefit from a strategically mixed age class of planted pine. This asset can be monetized immediately as much of the tract is in merchantable timber. Moreover, cash flow can be spread out as planting occurred over a period of 30+ years.

There are also numerous recreational opportunities that make Liberty an attractive investment, made possible by a mosaic of hardwood bottoms that provide excellent cover for deer and turkey. Its location adjacent to the 633,000-acre Apalachicola National Forest (Florida's largest national forest) is a tremendous asset that gives Liberty a unique advantage over other properties.

Liberty enjoys over six miles of paved road frontage on both State Road 65 and County Road 67 in addition to a well developed internal road network that provides good access for management and harvesting.


Shown below are prices for the individual Liberty tracts. Each tract has been professionally managed so that new owners may maximize their future profits and recreational enjoyment.

Tract #AcreagePrice / AcreTotal Price
1 SOLD!775 $ 1,450 $ 1,123,750
2 SOLD!920 $ 1,400 $ 1,288,000
3 SOLD!117 $ 2,250 $ 263,250
4 SOLD! 198 $ 1,650 $ 326,700
5 SOLD! 211 $ 1,950 $ 411,450
6 SOLD! 130 $ 2,350 $ 305,500
7 SOLD! 19 $ 3,000 $ 57,000
8 SOLD! 26$ 2,600 $ 67,600
9 SOLD! 57 $ 2,400 $ 136,800

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At a Glance

19 - 920 Acres

Asking Price:
$1,400 - $3,000

South of Hosford in Liberty County, Florida - over six miles of paved road frontage on State Road 65 and County Road 67.

Special Attributes:

  • Adjacent to Apalachicola National Forest
  • Well managed for timber and recreational use
  • Significant amount of merchantable pine
  • Multiple age classes spread over 30+ years

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