River Road Plantation

Property Features

Set within the beautiful Lower Chattahoochee River corridor in eastern Jackson County, Florida, River Road Plantation possesses distinct qualities that make it attractive for both timberland and recreational uses. Priced considerably less than comparable properties, this is a rare opportunity for an opportunistic investor to acquire an outstanding property in this area.

River Road Plantation has a long history of owners who prized the high quality pole timber that grows here. Today, River Road Plantation is still coveted by timberland investors because of its high site index, high percentage of plantable area, and standing timber in excess of 30 years of age.

Among River Road Plantation's many features, perhaps the most unique is the Army Corps of Engineers land that flanks its eastern boundary. Essentially, the Corps' land serves as an extension to River Road Plantation's 711 acres – a permanent greenbelt barrier teeming with deer, waterfowl, quail, and turkey. Of particular note, the southeast corner of River Road Plantation provides access to the Chattahoochee River and Lake Seminole through a river tributary while nearby Three Rivers State Park, Chattahoochee State Park, Neals Landing, and Buena Vista Landing provide public boat access.

Located on River Road (County Road 271), River Road Plantation enjoys nearly two miles of paved frontage and is located just 35 miles from Dothan and 60 miles from Tallahassee. Because of the abundant amount of land owned by the Corps along River Road, this area has remained pristine and is dotted with timberlands, family farms, and beautiful water bodies.

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At a Glance

711 Acres

Asking Price:
$2,000 per acre

Lower Chattachoochee River Corridor in eastern Jackson County, Florida - two miles of paved road frontage on River Road

Special Attributes:

  • Bordered by Army Corps of Engineers greenbelt property
  • 30+ year-old pines
  • High site index
  • 85% plantable