Sandy Creek

Property Features

Even during an era of lower real estate prices, Sandy Creek sets itself apart from other competing timberland tracts. For investors seeking a “value play” in the market, they can feel secure knowing this is the lowest priced timberland tract in Holmes County, if not surrounding counties as well.

Yet the inherent value and future potential of this tract belies its price. Perhaps most importantly, over 3/4 of Sandy Creek's 702 acres is plantable. Recent clearcuts and thinning have taken place but a third of the property is still in planted timber. Shown below is a summary:

Upland clearcut:29%
Hardwood bottom21%
2004—2005 loblolly16%
1990 loblolly (4th row thin)8%
1972 loblolly (thinned)6%
1997 slash (4th row thin)3%
Hardwood bottom cutover2%

It is a rarity when a tract of this size and quality can be purchased for such a low price. Institutional timber companies have generated solid returns on their investments for many years due to a number of factors, including keeping land acquisition costs down. Yet, in order to get attractive pricing, they typically buy thousands of acres in a single transaction. Sandy Creek offers the same pricing advantage without having to make a bulk purchase.

From a wildlife and recreational perspective, rolling hills converge on both the east and west side of Sandy Creek, forming beautiful hardwood bottoms. Crystal clear streams traverse these hardwood bottoms, providing cover, water, and food for deer, turkey, and other wildlife.

Accessed from Interstate 10 between Tallahassee and Pensacola, Florida, Sandy Creek is located only seven miles northwest of Ponce de Leon in Holmes County.

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At a Glance

702 Acres

Asking Price:
$1,000 per acre

Upper Choctawhatchee River watershed in southwestern Holmes County, Florida. Legal access via Line Road and Trainee Road.

Special Attributes:

  • Excellent Value
  • 3/4 of property is plantable
  • Rolling topography and beautiful hardwood bottoms and streams