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AG Conversion and Timberland Parcels - 1,261 - 4,298+/- Acres

It's not often that a large contiguous tract comes available that provides a new landowner wide latitude in charting its future use and management. For the astute investor, that's exactly what the Shuler Farm serves up. Regarded as the most productive land in Liberty County, Florida, this 4,298+/- acre property offers a unique opportunity for both AG conversion and timberland investors. Shuler Farm can be purchased in its entirety orĀ  individually in parcels that range from 1,261 to 1,739 acres, all of which have been clearcut.

While the Shuler Farm has been managed for timber for the past 30 years, it wasn't always that way. Back in the early 1980's, a soybean farmer spent more than $1M to ditch, drain, and irrigate much of the land. His timing was unfortunate for after spending an enormous sum for the times, a declining commodities market ensued and the farm could not sustain itself. The Shuler family then purchased the farm and placed the entire property in timber production.

In addition to its agriculture and silviculture attributes, there are excellent recreational pursuits to take advantage of at Shuler Farm. Featuring a five mile shared boundary with the 632,890-acre Apalachicola National Forest, there's no better neighbor to be had for fostering a thriving game population. There's also Equaloxic Creek, a beautiful high bank black water tributary that meanders for 2 1/2 miles along the property's western border on its way to the Apalachicola River and Gulf of Mexico. Lined with stately cypress and hardwoods, fishing and boating are great pastimes here where "Old Florida" still exists.

Parcels A and B (1,261 and 1,298 acres, respectively), while excellent for timber production, occupy the location of the former soybean fields. With a high percentage of Dothan, Goldsboro, and Lynchburg soils present and two capped irrigation wells on Parcel A, these parcels set up nicely for re-establishing row crops or creating pasture for a cattle operation. Unlike many of the advertised timberland conversion claims, there's no guesswork as to the viability of these parcels becoming a working farm once more. Moreover, from an investment perspective, the combination of globalization in the agricultural industry, falling trade barriers, and soaring world demand for food underscores the value of the Shuler Farm.

Parcel C is the classic timberland tract. As part of Jackson Forestry Services, Inc.'s 2011 timber appraisal, it was noted that the Shuler Farm as a whole had an average site index of 80. This, combined with a high plantable ratio and the use of genetically superior seedlings, will make for an extremely productive site. In fact, one recent harvest that contained poles generated $2,600 per acre!

Wood markets are strong in the area, creating a competitive environment that benefits the landowner. The primary destination for pulpwood is the Rock Tenn container mill in Panama City. In addition, Georgia Pacific operates an OSB plant in Hosford that could serve as a backup source for harvested pulpwood along with the Enviva pellet mill in Cottondale. The primary market for sawtimber and chip-n-saw is North Florida Lumber in Bristol. Other mills that also may play a role are Rex Lumber in Graceville and Spanish Trail Lumber near Marianna.

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Parcel Summaries

Parcel A:

1,261+/- Acres

Asking Price:
$1,600 per acre - bare land

Liberty County, Florida

Special Attributes:

  • 60%+ of soils are Dothan, Goldsboro, or Lynchburg (prime farmland)
  • 77% plantable (aprox)
  • Two capped wells
  • 2 1/2 miles of frontage on Equaloxic Creek
  • 1 home, hay barn, horse barn, 8 grain bins
  • 1.6 miles of frontage on County Road 379

Parcel B:

1,298+/- acres

Asking Price:
$1,500 per acre - bare land

Liberty County, Florida

Special Attributes:

  • 75%+ of soils are Dothan, Goldsboro, or Lynchburg (prime farmland)
  • 86% plantable (aprox)
  • 1 home
  • 1.9 miles of frontage on County Road 379
  • .9 miles of shared boundary with Apalachicola National Forest

Parcel C:

1,739+/- acres

Asking Price:
$1,000 per acre - bare land

Liberty County, Florida

Special Attributes:

  • 42% of soils are Rains/Bladen, 18% are Lynchburg
  • 76% plantable (aprox)
  • 4 miles of shared boundary with Apalachicola National Forest

All Parcels:

4,298+/- (3 parcels)

Asking Price:
$1,327 per acre - bare land

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