Skyland Ranch

Property Features

Ideally positioned in an ox box of the mighty Apalachicola River, Skyland Ranch’s 2 ½ miles of river frontage form the foundation of this distinctive property. Coveted by recreational and conservation users alike, there are other attributes that also contribute to its desirability – a two mile border with The Nature Conservancy’s 6,295-acre Apalachicola Bluffs and Ravines Preserve, beautiful park-like hardwood areas, impressive and unique bluffs, and over 200 acres of planted pines that provide a future source of income. Available for the first time in over 60 years, Skyland Ranch represents a solid investment.

Large tracts along the Apalachicola River are a rare commodity, particularly those with steephead ravines that possess an incredible amount of biodiversity. Not only are these properties sought out by private investors but the Northwest Florida Water Management District regards the Apalachicola River as one of the State’s most important natural resources. They own nearly 37,000 acres mostly to the south with the remaining river floodplain designated as a priority acquisition area. As the largest and longest river system in the southeastern U.S., the Apalachicola River’s headwaters begin in the southern Appalachian Mountains. Winter rains typically inundate the floodplain depositing rich soils along the way, including those at Skyland Ranch. Further downstream, those same sediments play an integral role in creating productive oyster beds in the Apalachicola Bay where 90% of Florida’s oysters are harvested.

The same traits that create conservation potential for Skyland Ranch also make for an excellent recreational property. For starters, the Apalachicola River offers up great boating and fishing opportunities. Moving inland, the large expanse of old growth mixed hardwood areas and cypress swamps create a haven for game. Not surprisingly, there has been a long-standing family tradition of hunting deer, turkey, and hog there. Sandwiched between a rural residential area and The Nature Conservancy’s preserve where no hunting is allowed, there is no external hunting pressure – a noteworthy benefit for a new owner.

As an intriguing historical side note, former Bristol resident E.E. Callaway took umbrage with the conventional belief that the Garden of Eden was located in modern day Iraq, the “Cradle of Civilization” where the Tigris and Euphrates River flow. Instead, he placed it on a site along the Apalachicola River that is fed by four primary tributaries or “heads,” exactly like the river described in the Book of Genesis. As a nod to his belief, The Nature Conservancy’s created the Garden of Eden trail which traverses longleaf pine/wiregrass uplands, steephead ravines, seepage streams, and sand hills until opening up to a spectacular view at Alum Bluff. At 135 feet above the Apalachicola River, it is the largest natural geological exposure in Florida!

Skyland Ranch’s 693+/- acres are conveniently located off Highway 12 in a private setting just minutes north of Bristol, the county seat of Liberty County, and 50 miles west of Tallahassee.

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At a Glance

693+/- Acres

Asking Price:
$2,886 per acre

Liberty County, Florida

Special Attributes:

  • 2 ½ Miles of River Frontage
  • Borders The Nature Conservancy
  • Beautiful Hardwood Areas
  • Conservation Potential
  • Recreational Opportunities
  • Planted Timber

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