Southeast Georgia Timberlands

Location and History

Situated almost entirely in northeast Clinch County, Georgia near Homerville in one of the most productive and sought-after geographic areas for timberland, the 5,880- acre Southeast Georgia Timberlands is an exceptional institutional investment. Professionally managed by Rayonier under a long-term timber lease which expired on December 31, 2017, Southeast Georgia Timberlands is available to purchase for the first time in over 60 years. Consisting of three separate parcels, the figures shown below reflect GIS acreage computations totaling 5,987 acres.

  • Cogdell Highway
  • Shiloh North
  • Shiloh South
  • 2,237.5 acres
  • 548.0 acres
  • 3,201.0 acres

Approximately 39 wood-using facilities are located within a 100-mile circle of the property, including Georgia Biomass in Waycross, a large biomass chip producer. Within this radius are Waycross (25 miles), Valdosta (50 miles) as well as Jacksonville, Tallahassee, Albany, and Brunswick (100 miles). Because of the area’s strong wood markets, the prices paid for pine pulpwood are among the highest in the country.

Timberland Details

The planted pine strata ranges from 1 to 15 years old - an isolated, 4.7 acre, 31 year-old stand is the only +15 year old planted pine timber. Slash is the dominant specie and stands are mostly well-stocked and reflect good reforestation practices. With a young but distributed age range of pine plantations, an owner will realize consistent long-term cash flows and have enough scale to maintain a favorable competitive position with local mills.

The natural timber resource varies from recently harvested to merchantable pine and hardwood. Much of this timber type has marginal stocking, quality and accessibility. Almost all of the natural timber is in wetlands.

Land Details

Of the tract’s total 5,880 acres, 3,737 (62%) are in planted pine, 2,152 (36%) are in natural timber and 97 (2%) are in non-forest. Convertible/non-convertible andupland/wetland land delineations are similar reflecting that the land is almost fully planted.

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At a Glance

5,880 ÷/– acres

Asking Price:
Sealed Bid

Clinch County, Georgia

Special Attributes:

  • Outstanding timber market
  • Institutional grade timberlands
  • Professionally managed
  • Productive soils

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