Woodberry Farm

Property Overview

Woodberry Farm offers a beautiful and varied landscape of plantation pines, mixed hardwood bottoms, creeks, ponds, ravines, pastures, and cultivated fields – all scattered among its rolling hills. These features complement each other wonderfully to create a special retreat for families and friends. Paradoxically, the privacy that this recreational property offers within its 298+/- acres belies the fact that it is located a short 30 minutes north of Tallahassee just outside the charming town of Havana.


Apart from the physical attributes that make Woodberry Farm a compelling property is its deep and rich history. Prior to Hernando De Soto’s arrival in 1539, the Red Hills Region was inhabited by the Apalachee Indians. The next migration wave began in the 1820’s as white settlers arrived and began clearing land and planting crops in the fertile soil. Eventually, tobacco won out as the most profitable crop and became a major industry in Gadsden County for 150 years. Woodberry Farm occupies part of the historic Woodberry Farm and vintage tobacco outbuildings still greet you before entering the property.

Wildlife and Conservation

Because of the variety of habitat types that exist at Woodberry Farm, wildlife is abundant. The list is long but white-tailed deer, wild turkey, quail, and many bird species including wood ducks are commonly seen. In order to safeguard the property’s biodiversity as well as its scenic and historic character, a conservation easement was put in place. While there are some protection measures associated with the easement, a new owner will be able to reap full enjoyment of this unique property.

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At a Glance

298+/- Acres

Asking Price:
$2,500 per acre

Gasden County, Florida

Special Attributes:

  • Beautiful rolling topography
  • 30 Minutes to Tallahassee
  • 3 Ponds
  • Pines, Hardwoods, Fields
  • Conservation Protection

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