Buyer's Services

Every buyer is unique in his or her needs so Verdura Properties provides a customized search for each client. Utilizing a dedicated person to represent you eliminates having to deal with multiple land owners and brokers – some of whom may not have your interest at heart – and wade through property information that may be incomplete and/or outside your investment parameters.

Drawing from a broad array of contacts, Verdura Properties will identify and evaluate potential timberland tracts based on your criteria. We will contact, meet, and communicate with timber companies, private land owners and real estate professionals as well as coordinate with your forester, as directed. If a tract doesn't meet your needs, we won't waste your time with it.

Some of the most common requirements/preferences include:

Seller's Services

Verdura Properties is uniquely qualified to market timberland tracts in North Florida, Southwest Georgia, and Southeast Alabama. Foremost, we have close ties with institutional investors who have cash reserves to make large acquisitions without having to rely on tight credit markets. This includes Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs), Timberland Investment Management Organizations (TIMOs), private equity firms, high net worth individuals, and conservation organizations.

Our goal is to provide professional guidance and strategies to gain broad exposure to the market and expedite a successful sale. This first involves analyzing the merits of the property, particularly the timber and bare land values. In addition, we will evaluate sales comparables, determine a likely buyer profile, make a pricing recommendation, and implement a vigorous marketing campaign. To leverage our efforts, we collaborate with a network of owners, foresters, and real estate professionals.

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