Dear Arnie,

Thank you so much for your help in selling several of my client's properties in the past year. You have exceeded my expectations with your marketing strategies and local knowledge.

I'll gladly continue to refer you to my friends and associates in the timberland community.

Best Regards,

Bill Waller
President, Waller Forestry Inc

Dear Arnie,

Pineroots, LLC wants to thank you for marketing our property and closing the deal on the sale of our 7,000 acres. Your knowledge of timberlands impressed us. We all are grateful for your extended hours of work and your quick and thorough responses to 5 different beneficiaries of this property.

This was a highly complex property with mineral reserves, conservation attributes, plus the timberland value. You had to interface with such a wide-range of experts in each field plus a very unusual marketing strategy. Your established seal bid process resulted in achieving a price well above appraisal value. Your professionalism dealing with investors, conservation groups, mining entities, family groups and high net worth individuals really made a difference in our outstanding results.

We would highly recommend you for further real estate customers seeking to buy or sell timberland property. If you have any client prospects that may need more information on our excellent results with you, please pass on my email/phone to them.

Once again Arnie.......Thank you!

Best Regards,

Lisa Caldwell
Tallahassee, Fl.
Pineroots, LLC

When our family decided to market nearly 6000 acres of timberland in southeast Georgia, Arnie Rogers and Verdura Properties took on the marketing task for us. Arnie’s superb knowledge of the market, his advance planning of the listing, and his ability to anticipate problems before they appeared, resulted in a high level of interest from potential buyers, a smooth, successful sale without impediments, and a very satisfied large family of owners.

Arnie knew the importance of clearing all possible impediments ahead of placing the land on the market. He recognized potential difficulties, and sought out solutions for any possible challenges a prospective buyer might see. He accompanied interested parties as they walked the land, answering questions with a thorough knowledge of the tracts. Whether it was the challenges of the 100-year title search, environmental assessments, hunting and apiary leases, need for surveying right-of-ways, or any other situation that arose, he met every challenge with good humor and calm expertise, working closely with our family to find solutions. He always manifested professionalism in working with our family.

To say our family was satisfied with the outcome is an understatement. We were deeply pleased and gratified with the results of Arnie Rogers’s competence, knowledge, and demeanor.

We are pleased to recommend Arnie Rogers and Verdura Properties for your consideration. In choosing them for your broker needs, we believe you will be happy with their work ethic and the results of their efforts.

Ann P. Gallagher

Dear Arnie,

I want to express my appreciation for the excellent service you have continuously provided! Over the past couple of years, you have represented me on the sale of two large tracts of timberland. In both cases, you have consistently put the best interests of my family and I first.

Your ability to navigate our challenging family dynamics and expert technical knowledge led to the sale of properties no other realtor could sell. Not only did you sell them, you were able to move previously unmovable properties quickly and negotiate strong prices on each sale. Thank-you for making the impossible possible for me!

Your professionalism is unmatched. Your attention to detail and commitment to excellent customer service is unrivaled. You are simply the best!

With most sincere gratitude and appreciation,

Patti Shuler

On behalf of Cadence Bank, I want to again express our appreciation for the tremendous effort you put forth in getting three unique assets sold for us that represented by far the largest ORE holdings of the bank. I know the legal process we encountered was long and you demonstrated patience and provided needed insight into values throughout the entire saga eventually ending with three successful closings. Your ability to handle land management, appraisal and litigation support, hunting leases, pricing guidance, effective marketing and most importantly, explaining things to unfamiliar bankers, all were required to achieve the results we did. While I may almost feel like a timberland expert myself by now, I know who the real pro is!

Thanks again.

Scott Harris
Senior Vice President - Special Assets Group
Cadence Bank

We marketed our farm of some 280 acres in north Florida for several years with several realtors. No nibbles.

We recently listed it with Arnie Rogers who presented us with an offer in just a few weeks, resulting in a fair price negotiation and a smooth closing. He was particularly professional and diligent in selling the property and importantly, kept us informed.

We were very pleased with his service.

Calynne and Lou Hill, Tallahassee

Dear Arnie,

I want to thank you for the outstanding service you provided me with the sale of our property this year. It was clear from the beginning of our conversations that you are extremely knowledgeable regarding real estate and the timber industry, and are well-known by the major timber players in Florida.

I appreciated your efficiency in getting our property on the market in such a way that it immediately gathered interest from several potential buyers. From the time I first contacted you to closing and funds in the bank was less than three months! I have appreciated your keeping me informed weekly and being available even on weekends to discuss the progress of the sale.

I know who I will contact should I ever have real estate needs or just advice on the purchase or sale of property! Thanks for a job well-done.


Stephen Livesay
Dayton, Tennessee

Dear Arnie,

Nancy, our daughter Margaret and I wish to express our thanks to you and your bride, Linda for the very enjoyable dinner after the signing. As it turned out, it was like a family gathering. I don't think any of us realized we had so much in common. We are so thankful for that.

From the time our family met you, you set the pace and peaceful mood that each of us Parkers felt comfortable with the process. As you know, this sale of Honey Hill properties was a hard decision that Nancy had to make. Your mannerism [trust] and your knowledge of the timber land investors helped us to get through to a pleasant ending. We are very grateful to you and Verdura Properties for your expertise in expediting the land sale. You did good work representing your company - Verdura Properties.

Let's stay in touch because we never know!!

With High Regards,

Charles and Nancy Parker
Honey Hill Plantation, Inc.

I have recently had the opportunity for Mr. Arnie Rogers to represent me in the selection and acquisition of several pieces of real estate. Mr. Rogers was most helpful in all phases of this process and made it very pleasurable. He looked after my interests when dealing with other agents and sellers.

I would highly recommend him should the need arise for future purchases of any kind of real estate. Please call me if you have any questions regarding Mr. Rogers and/or Verdura Properties.


Don McMullan
Dothan, Alabama

Dear Arnie:

Please let this letter serve to express our gratitude for your efforts in identifying, analyzing, and negotiating a timberland investment for one of our most important clients.

Getting a full grasp of the complexities of the real estate and timber markets can present a challenge, but you provided complete information and effectively communicated the merits of each prospective property. Additionally, by thoroughly understanding our client's needs, you researched and presented only properties that met their criteria. This was a big time saver and a refreshing change from the all too common scatter gun approach. Finally, we appreciate the negotiation skills that you brought to the table - your market knowledge and mediation skills made all the difference. In short, you did an excellent job of representing our client.

We look forward to working with you on future transactions and would wholeheartedly recommend you to others seeking to buy or sell a timberland property. With best wishes, we are

Sincerely Yours,

James C. Ellis, CPA, CFP

During this past year, I have had the distinct pleasure of working with Arnie Rogers of Verdura Properties as both a seller and buyer of timberland property.

Arnie has displayed professionalism, knowledge of the real estate and timber markets, and, above all, a high degree of integrity throughout negotiations. On top of that, I might mention that he's a bit of a bulldog in getting things done… and I mean that only in the most complimentary way. So, I highly endorse using Arnie for a timberland transaction – he's a good listener, creative problem solver, and I always felt that my interests were well served.

If you have any further questions regarding Arnie's capabilities, please give me a call.


William D. McLaughlin, M.D.


Arnie Rogers
Verdura Realty, LLC   
Licensed Real Estate Broker

316 Williams Street
Tallahassee, FL 32303

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